Hello there!

Let’s take a peek into my life.

I’m responsible for the programs and events at School of Soham. I design our main curriculum, do some copywriting, teach, and make sure everything we offer is clear and powerful enough to transform lives.

I’m also the one having sleepless nights when thinking about how to create a specific tool or method that is easy to apply for every participant. And if you like whatever you read on this website, I’d say thanks a lot for the compliment. 😉

Satish Sewgobind

A Lost Battle 

I hated school. I was depressed because of school. I knew school was missing something. At some point, I had enough and became suicidal. Lucky for me, I was inspired by awesome people through the almighty internet. Boy, I did some solid research for solutions to change the whole system of education which I still don’t like at all

At the age of 16, I told my friends, I want my own school. My arrogant brains wanted to prove how bad schools are. And since my father was not a billionaire, I failed at having my own building where I could show the world that education can be fun without killing our creative fire. If you’ve read Awinash’s story, you know what I mean. Clearly I lost the battle in making my point.

Satish Sewgobind Reading and Writing


I gained so much experience in the field of teaching, music, psychology, massage therapy, writing, speaking, designing workshops and talks that I felt like I could still make my dreams come true. 


I read more than 20.000 hours of material about human psychology, eastern philosophy, and many other countless topics regarding human growth and psyche. I was a man on a mission. I analyzed for hours on end and made a list of what was missing in our schools. I also came up with some solutions which I needed to test out first. 

A Rebel

I called Awinash and told him I am quitting my job because I’ll be teaching music full time and doing some self-development workshops for a living. He was supportive as always and even joined me in my second round of a self-development program I successfully executed at the Anton de Kom University. Several students asked: ‘Sir, why did we not get this material in high school or why did we not know about all of this before?’ I smiled and realized I was warming up for something bigger.  


I had my 'AHA' moment. I proved my point that schools lack tons of knowledge to shape us as a better person. I was fully convinced that our education needs a major update. Brighter than a thousand suns, my mission started shining through me.


I even taught as a guest lecturer at the University. Good lord, without any degree and yet this offer came. This meant I had something valuable to offer. I told myself that I need to take baby steps first. And look at me now, I’m here on the website of School of Soham while you smile reading my silly story.


School of Soham

We chose the name ‘School of Soham’ because everyone is familiar with the concept of ‘School’. The name Soham means: “I am that.” ‘That’ means to be whatever you can be. So at this school we want you to become what YOU really want. We want you to discover what you have boiling deep within you. After a few test workshops we got great feedback and established School of Soham as an online platform. Since there was no finance for a building, we thought why not start online. 


If there is a will, there is a way they said. We have extreme will power and won’t be dragged down by any limitation whatsoever. And if you think this story is inspiring, then please be inspired because that’s the whole point. Be inspired to design your awesome super self. 


I Am Soham

I did not know what to do with my life, so others decided for me. I was overwhelmed and confused. I was so frustrated with myself. I had to be the director of my own life. Since my life anyways seemed like a movie showing me the best and the worst at the same time, it made total sense that I direct my life in the way I want to. 


I seek to be at my best while sharing the wisdom I’ve gained. All my experience comes with hard work & practice. I want to reach the maximum of my potential. This is what it means to become whatever you wish to become, Soham. 

I am Soham and so are you. 

Lights, Camera & Action

Life may surprise us anytime. I feel like whatever is within my control I want to direct. After all these years of experience in massage therapy, music, researching, speaking, teaching, life coaching, writing, singing, working hard to survive while working on myself, I know it’s time to create a legacy.


Together with my like-minded peers, I want to reach the whole world and be the change I want to see in the world. Is this something Gandhi said? OK, all credits to him. But I hope you feel the fire burning inside me. I just want you to hop on this train because this can be a beautiful ride if you decide to grow and inspire.