Your Purpose is Hidden in the Essence of Who You Are

For as long as I can remember, I yearned to find my purpose. Even when I got jobs that I liked, it felt like a hunger that would never leave me. Something was missing –– there was more to my life than this.

The search for purpose and meaning is one of the most common human yearnings. And like me, I think most people search for it in a career path or job title.

I hoped that someday I’d finally find a career and think, “That’s it! This is what I’m meant to do!”

Over the past few years, I’ve completely changed careers to one that is more aligned with my heart.

But now, I realize purpose is not about what you do.

It’s about becoming more of who you are — and expressing your essence in this world.

A spiritual mentor, Elizabeth April, put it this way: “The yearning for purpose reflects our desire to bridge the gap between our human and our soul.”

You are a soul living a human existence, and on this planet, a large part of your time is spent in physical action. But to the soul, this reality can feel very dense. It’s common to feel lost.

Deep down, you yearn to find your place in the world where you can balance your human and your soul...

Your physical needs and your heart.

Your “doing” and your “being.”

Ultimately, you’re looking for harmony between what you do and who you are.

The challenge is, it’s easy to forget who you really are underneath the roles, labels, and identities you’ve carried throughout your life. This journey requires you to peel back the layers and reconnect with your heart. Your essence.

You are born with a unique essence — and this guides the way your soul yearns to live, express, and create in this lifetime.

Your essence is made of your gifts, talents, and passions. Your heart and energy. Your greatest lessons. Your natural disposition.

At the core, your essence is LOVE. But every person has their unique way of expressing their love.

You can express your essence in many ways, through how you’re being. It doesn’t necessarily need to be tied to your job. The type of work you choose is one vessel of many.

But when there’s disharmony between what you spend a large part of your time doing, and how you want to feel, you can get suffocated. And the deep yearning doesn’t go away.

I think we yearn to find our way because we miss the freedom of being who we really are. We miss the moments when we felt most alive... perhaps in early childhood, living without a care in the world... And even deeper, we miss who we were before this lifetime, as a soul between lives.

You may not remember what that feels like... but your soul remembers. And it is this deep soul memory, your soul signature, that keeps calling to you.

Today, I’m an artist, writer, and coach — in conventional terms. But these are simply the activities that currently help me feel most connected to my heart… to who I am.

“Her work is her essence. Her heart.”

These are the words my friends Grace and Jolie used to describe my art, and I can’t think of a higher compliment.

I think it’s because my art and words are the purest physical translations of my soul. They are created in a state of flow when I feel most alive, most me… And so, they capture who I am. They hold my unique love for life and my dreams for a beautiful world.

That is the beauty of creation. You anchor a part of your essence from spirit to the physical, through an act of love. Through intention and joy.

And when another person feels moved by it, perhaps they recognize a part of themselves in it. The ripple effect is enormous.

Trust the essence of who you are to be enough. It will guide you back to your heart, to the sense of arrival you were searching for all along.

You were made to be you. Beautifully, unapologetically, freely.

Written with love,

Ashmi 💖

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