Your Original Success Story

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

For a long time our success was defined by having a degree and a wonderful job. This picture is very flawed. There is more to life than just a house and a car with a job that pays well. A few people are already establishing their own definition of success, but most of us are still stuck with the regular ways of doing things.

Our self worth is directly linked with a degree, status, wealth and material well being. It is only then that we say, I am successful. With social media and many other channels of information, we are bombarded with the idea of success being linked to a bank balance.

Look at the list of the world’s most successful people. It is either measured by fame, wealth or something specific they invented for the world. But how do everyone in the masses measure their success? Are we all pushed to follow the ones we see on our phone screens? Not everyone fits into this model of success.

It’s like chasing something that never will be yours. This idea is very frustrating. It’s like playing a game and you never win, or you win something and then you have to realize that the game is still going on, you just won a tiny part of the game. You never attain that moment of satisfaction.

But what if we do want that feeling of satisfaction or being fulfilled? What if many of us really want to be in that space of feeling like we’ve won? As if we are on top of the world?

Everyone wants this feeling but we are stuck in a loop of a specific set of unwritten rules to follow. There is no fixed way to be successful, so what holds us back to write our own definition of success?

For the sake of experiment, please write down a list of things that makes you happy.

Write a list of things that you want to achieve, if you put aside what society is asking you to strive for. What would that list look like?

If you can answer these questions then you can have a clear image of what you as an individual want to attain. This is supposed to be your success.

In other words, if we want to climb up the ladder of success, you make sure it is our own ladder and not someone else’s. It’s frustrating to live a life that is not authentic to you. So it’s time we write your own original success story.

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