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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A Dream

I always fantasized about building my own dream house. I had the design in my mind. Little did I know how hard it is to actually go through the process of building a home. And to my surprise, it was the same with this website, our virtual home.

At first, Awinash started with a layout in mind, but by the time we finished, we had a completely new design that we never imagined to have. But for Awinash the experience was totally different.

Awinash’s Journey in his own words

I was clueless for days about how to start with this website. We had no clear directions or guidelines about designs or what content we wanted online. We just wanted to have a website. That’s all. Okay, with this much information, any designer would jump from a bridge. I mean, where do you start?!

Anyway, I started with a template (please, let’s keep this a secret!). Coming from a phase where darkness seemed elegant to me as a designer, I thought of taking the same course. But somehow, I could not link School of Soham with dark colors or a dark theme, hence the reason I pleaded for a total rebranding of School of Soham. ‘Bring me from darkness to light’, a prayer I knew since childhood. Oh look at me now, I went for another extreme; a minimalist look. Bam! I figured it out, just like that.

The design was clear. But what do we put online? We looked back at some notes we made before and used that as our guidelines. We were doing great. The main structure took shape already. Then, a designer’s nightmare happened. Ironically, by me. We had to change course.

I re-evaluated our whole philosophy and purpose as a platform. This time from a marketing perspective. I concluded that we need to define our target group. That means we had to look back at everything and simplify it by all means. Yes, some energy drinks were needed. We went back to the drawing board.

Eventually, the website started taking a shape I can not be more proud of. A simple design with meaningful content that triggers the right emotions is how I see School of Soham. So now I wonder how the experience will be of the reader. I would like to know.

Switching Gears

Of course, his experience is clearly different and when Awinash called for a meeting, I was not amused. I got more work but he convinced me of what was really needed at this stage. In an instant, we worked on our new layout and even tweaked the design several times. We finally arrived at where we are right now, around the first week of July.

Hard work pays off

For both of us, more than 200 hours of effort, thought and energy went into building this. It’s a dream come true because certain things took their own course and we had to accept. And that's exactly what happened.

Sleepless nights, countless discussions, some research, and unanswered questions were part of this wonderful and at times frustrating journey. At some point, I told myself that maybe we’ll be finished by the end of this year since there was new work coming my way every week.

We learn and grow

We learn as we go. And I’ve learned so much in this process since there is so much creative juice required at times and at other times we are required to be totally logical and radical with the decisions we make. So both parts of our brains worked hard. ;)

Besides reading all of this, I hope you can feel the message we want to spread and hopefully care to recommend this website to others whenever you think about working on yourself.


It’s our duty, our mission, and our passion to serve you. We are humbled by your visit. If you are a seeker of growth, then you’ve come to the right place. Kindly explore the treasures that are waiting for you.


Written by Satish Sewgobind

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