Hey there!

Read along to know me.

I am my own boss at Paprika Plants and the manager here at School of Soham. I love interacting with people by seeing them smile. I want to connect and expand my world as much as possible. I want to feel like I mean something for others by doing a million different little things. I see myself as a stable foundation where I can support others as well as myself.


The idea of meeting new people and connecting with them is what attracted me to work here. Through various workshops I realized how amazing it is to touch another life by sharing different perspectives. And also, it’s my job to maintain order and structure here.


The Spark

When I was 8 years old, I had this amazing passion for kites. I loved flying kites and pretty soon knew how to make them on my own. And after making a few of them I was so successful, I decided to sell them and managed to make a profit. 

Let that sink in for a while. At the age of 8, I made money by selling kites. Of course, I was clueless about what it means to be an entrepreneur, but there was the first spark of some kind of purpose in my life. Fast forward 10 years and I was obsessed with the idea of having my own business. 

Lost & Found

I was inspired to work hard and become a successful person in society, but life had different plans. I got distracted and lost my way to something bigger. I knew that I had to achieve big things but it was not clear at all. I had no vision. My mind was busy fantasizing about success. This was a pain I had until I started connecting the dots. 


I realized, I always created something with my hands. So, there was something in my hands. I took up gardening and cooking as a hobby. I always want to speak from my heart. I seek the company of those who make me bring a smile on their face. I think, like most teenagers, discipline and focus were lost, but my heart spoke and found me. 


I found purpose. The secret was literally in my hands. I like to cook, I love to dance and I am passionate about gardening. From the heart to the hands, that’s the road I decided to walk on.


The Journey of Heart

Right now, I pour my heart into cooking, gardening, working, interacting with various people in order to acquire clients for Connectiff, Paprika Plants and I make sure more people know about School of Soham. 


I plan & facilitate workshops, coach calls, ice breakers, and I even get a huge load of administrative work to do. I love working out. I teach my sister the art of gardening and in my spare time, I even teach myself some guitar. 

Photography and poetry also came to me since I’m surrounded by people like Satish and Awinash, I also joined the bandwagon. Check out my poetry combined with some photography on my Instagram account

Inspire and Be Inspired

My life was clearly going nowhere if the inspiration never came at the right time. Friends, colleagues, relatives, and many others definitely pushed me in different directions which, made me ask myself what I should strive for. 


What I should strive for is becoming clearer the more I grow. I want to be inspired and become an inspiration for others too. The answer lies in my constant need to do better and know better. Since I keep finding several ways to grow, I believe I can share this with everyone I connect with.