Happening in | 2021

Understanding the World

In Understanding the World we should come to realize that we have building blocks of society. Discover these blocks during this event.
Understanding the World

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Happening in

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When we say ‘the world’, we mean the arrangements we’ve made on this planet for our own survival as a species. Without our involvement on this planet, this planet would just be in total harmony. We’ve made a mess with our own systems of survival.

For every new generation, it seems difficult to make sense of the world humans have created. This world we have created is like a maze. But worry not, at School of Soham we have made it our mission to throw light on all aspects of life as much as possible.

We want everyone to have ultimate clarity to effortlessly navigate through the world. There is no need to get caught up in this giant web of systems and structures if we don’t know what the fundamentals are.

In understanding the world we can realize what the building blocks of society are. These building blocks have several layers to it. Once we get a grip on this we can navigate through the world with exceptional precision. 

Imagine not knowing anything about taxes, certain government rules or rights that we have as humans. Not everything is brought to us in simple words to make sense of what world we are living in. We are left to discover many things on our own.

In this enlightening talk of understanding the world we get:

✔ a direct and detailed picture of the world we live in

✔ an ideal picture where many layers of society can be improved by our own contribution

✔ insight into how people decide the quality of service we get from all blocks of society

✔ knowledge on how to deal with the world when things seem to fall apart

✔ new ideas to create a new world without waiting for leaders to do so

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