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Time & Energy Management

We do not have time in our hands. Time will anyways pass. What we do have in our hands is ourselves. During this event we learn how to manage ourselves.
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Time & Energy Management

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Happening in

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Our lives are made easier through technology. Imagine to call 10 friends and ask them if they’re free to play football next weekend. Per person, we would speak for 2 minutes on average. That means you’ve spoken through your landline for about 20 minutes or more. That means more than 20 minutes went into planning a nice weekend to have some fun time.

I think we forget how much comfort, ease, and efficiency we have right now. Technology made it possible to communicate with several people at once in a group chat. Is this not amazing?

This means we have more time to do other things right? Or are we busier instead?

Would you not agree that technology made life way easier compared to 20 years back?

The opposite is happening these days. It seems that everyone is busier than ever.

The truth is that we are just distracted more. Our senses are overstimulated to a point where we have no energy left to do what really matters.

We can’t control time. Time will anyways pass. What we can control is our decisions on how to spend time. So in the literal sense we cannot manage time, we can only manage ourselves.

We do not realize how much time is spent on social media, T.V., mundane activities, and other random activities that seem neutral or even negative in their results.

With all the technological convenience the best outcome is that we are the most productive generation ever, but that’s clearly not the case right now. This irony has one solution.

The key answer lies in self-management.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day.

What you do with it is totally up to you!

In this powerful workshop you are offered:

✔ tools to have an excellent overview of your day, week and month

✔ a method to manage your energy to maintain a productive mindset

✔ a model to map out where to invest your energy and time

✔ to realize what activities bring your energy down

✔ a structural approach to increase productivity every month

✔ a tool to prioritize your activities

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