Happening in | 2021

The Dynamics of Work & Play

At School of Soham we believe that every individual has the right to live life on their own terms without harming another. During this event we discover the balance in work & play.
The Dynamics of Work & Play

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Happening in

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It seems we have a specific set of rules to decide our future. The generation before us decided the course of our life before we were born. There might be more to life but we either don’t know better or we give up on looking for alternatives. We blindly follow a system created generations ago that might have served them well, but now is not relevant for most of us.

Not everyone feels like chasing a degree to work hard and then build a home, have a family and then one day enjoy retirement. It’s a dry and almost lifeless approach because it’s predestined. Everything’s is decided for us.

Out of the million choices we could make, our options are narrowed down. In our education, career choices or ideals, we are limited. Anything outside this template seems to be either wrong or uncivilized at times.

But do you feel like you want to design your life from scratch?

Do you want to be in charge of how you live your life?

Do you feel like you want to erase all the decisions imposed on you?

Do you feel like life feels grey and lifeless because every step we make drags us down towards survival at most?

Every individual has the right to live on their own terms.

We want to help you in this journey of making your life happen the way you want. We have insights to share on how you can realize this dynamic of work & play.

In this talk we offer:

✔ new ideas on how to have your survival arranged

✔ new concepts on how to enjoy whatever you’ve chosen to do with life

✔ tools on creating a better life regardless of your societal limitations

✔ knowledge on how to be happy even if survival gets you down

✔ insight on how the pioneers get their survival arranged and yet enjoy a life of freedom

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