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The Art of Healing

A special workshop designed to dive deep into the simple mechanisms of how the body works and how we can use tools and techniques to heal without swallowing all kinds of prescription drugs.
The Art of Healing

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Time & Location Announced Soon
Location Announced Soon

About the Event

We’re living in exciting times because of technology and comfort, but at the same time, we are swallowing medicine pills like candy. There’s no health industry to keep us healthy. Instead, there is an industry that expects us to be cured through processed drugs. Real medicine should be food, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits and not processed drugs. Research shows how many side effects there are to most of the medicine we are given by modern doctors. This is a system based on cure and not prevention of disease/sickness.

At School of Soham, we would like to deal with life in much smarter ways. The old ways have proven their ill effects and it’s time we make a revolution. A different perspective on what it means to be healthy and on what it means to heal is now needed. We want everyone to become aware of the powers they have within themselves for healing & prevention of disease.

The Art of Healing is designed to dive deep into the simple mechanisms of how the body & mind work together. And we know how to use tools and techniques without feeling helpless to take prescription drugs with endless side effects.

The Art of Healing Workshop gives you:

✔ a method to analyze and evaluate your health and detect where healing is necessary in 5 steps

✔ 3 powerful techniques to initiate your healing processes

✔ knowledge and insight about finding root causes of diseases and their prevention

✔ insight on how to use the body as a map to heal

✔ awareness of the difference between food, medicine, and natural healing

✔ tips on how to enhance your lifestyle to enjoy wellness without the interference of processed drugs

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