Happening in | 2021

The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing is asking us to do nothing and just sit, relax, and observe. Are you ready to do nothing?
The Art of Doing Nothing

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Happening in

About the Event

From time to time it is important to just pause. The space between activity and rest can be explored when we take a moment to do nothing.

Stillness is important for our body, mind, and energy. When we sit in stillness, we allow ourselves to experience the flow of life. This act of stillness is often called meditation or concentration, but we want to call it The Art of Doing Nothing.

The Art of Doing Nothing means to do nothing and just sit, relax, and observe. It’s asking us to let our feelings, thoughts, and desires pass like clouds. Don’t we all feel like taking a break from everything happening in our minds? This break is what everyone needs by doing nothing in a very disciplined and artful manner.

Everything happening in our mind can pass. There is no need to be restless with our thoughts, feelings and desires being active all the time. Stillness allows us to become recharged with pure energy so we can feel blissful like a child again.

In this unique program you are offered:

✔ a special technique to observe and relax

✔ a method to initiate your inner silence

✔ knowledge about the importance of stillness

✔ insight on how people use silent breaks for progress

✔ ancient wisdom of how to become silent

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