Happening in | 2021

Public Speaking

Do you dare to stand in front of an audience and make sure your message gets to the heart?
Public Speaking

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Happening in

About the Event

To stand in front of an audience and make sure your message gets directly to the heart is not an easy task. To be short and powerful without being boring is something anyone can practice if the right tools are provided.

Having the nervous sensations under control means your audience will pay full attention to what you have to say. To have proper command on speech delivery supported with some wit or humor always gives a warm feeling to the listener.

When we admire someone, we’ll notice it’s just the way they speak and present themselves that charm us. Anyone can have a platform to speak because of social media, but the ones who become the best are the ones who invest in their speaking qualities.

To become an excellent orator, we need more than our voice only. There is a sense of personality and charm involved when successful people speak. They have an aura of leadership and are able to convince anyone to believe in the ideas they present.

Do you feel like you want everyone to understand your message?

Do you feel like you want to see people’s minds shift because of what you say?

Do you believe that your message can make a difference?

Do you doubt yourself whenever you stand in front of a group of people to speak?

Do you deal with insecurities on how to find your voice and passion to deliver your message?

If you’ve answered yes, then don’t hesitate.

This workshop is designed for you.

Invest in yourself and gain:

✔ a powerful voice that resonates with the deepest parts of your listener

✔ the sweet spot of the tonal quality in your voice

✔ awareness about how your body language can support your speech

✔ realization of how a powerful emotional charge changes your message for the better

✔ more than 20 tips on how to improve your presence and charisma

✔ insight on how to interact with your audience no matter what the size

✔ confidence in your message and your unique ways of delivery

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