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Organic Growth

We get tired because of all the planning and disappointments if things don’t go the way we want to. Mechanical planning made us forget to follow the organic direction that life takes for us. If we follow the organic path, life will unfold in the best ways possible.
Organic Growth

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Time & Location Announced Soon
Location Announced Soon

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We’re so used to planning almost everything in life. In a sense, it’s a mechanical process. Some things are meant to be organic, which means the way they are found in nature. Just like fruit for example. On the other hand, we have taken mechanical processes to such a peak that we forgot some things are meant to be the way they are. Some things have a course of their own. We’ve lost the balance as a society. We manipulate things we find in nature. The balance has tipped over. Being too much in our brains, we think we can do everything with the brain by planning and creating a certain structure for ourselves. 

We cannot approach everything through a mechanical process. Certain things happen on their own. For example the growth of a fetus. A baby that is being born in a different person. A human developing in another human. It's a wonderful thing, just like magic. It's totally organic. It’s a natural process.

In the same way, we should tune into a deeper layer of ourselves. Let things take their time. We don't always need to push through by planning, doing, and fixing things, or even fighting to make things happen. 

Organic growth allows you to enjoy the present moment. To learn from every incident or every step you take towards your inner and outer growth. Whether it’s something you want to manifest in the world or some transformation within you, organic growth offers a more relaxed approach to grow. If there could be a balance between whatever can move organically and mechanically, then we can enjoy this amazing feeling that you are growing, expanding, learning, gaining insight, knowledge, and wisdom. You start to have faith that whatever you want to manifest will actually happen through organic growth.

In this workshop we come to realize that organic growth is about tapping into your true nature and manifesting whatever you really desire without putting stressful effort into planning. Instead, you realize that you have to follow a path to attract chances and then work hard and smart.

Lao Tzu once said: “Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished.” In the same way we can let go of all the stress, pressure, anxiety, and constant changes in our moods to think that we have to be somewhere, to think or feel that we have to manifest something in a constant state of doing. We forget that we are a being.

In this talk we offer:

✔ ancient wisdom on how things were manifested through intention, thought, and emotion

✔ the keys to the balance between planning and attracting

✔ tools to plan without working hard to make things happen

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