Happening in | 2021


Less is more. Does this statement resonate with you? During this event we explore the many ideas of Minimalism.

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Happening in

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‘Less is more’. Does this statement resonate with you? Maybe it does or maybe not.

The quality of life is based on how we feel from inside but also on what we have outside. 

Consumerism is at its peak. With constant advertisements bombarding our minds, we tend to buy so many things we don’t really need. This clutter of owning stuff pollutes our environment and our mind.

Even our digital space is cluttered. Think of all the emails, whatsapp chats, social media notifications and constant input from your virtual space. Imagine having a clean and organized life in this virtual space. You’re aware and updated about everything that’s happening. 

Do you have any idea how much peace this offers?

Minimalism is not about living with almost nothing. It’s about knowing what you really need and knowing what adds value to your life. A clutter-free environment gives your mind space to focus on what really matters.

Avoid being frustrated by what you possess. It’s easy to become slaves of what we own. It’s totally pointless. This robs us from our time and energy to enjoy the present moment. 

Imagine you own something so expensive that you’re most of the time anxious not to lose or break it.

Do you think it is worth giving so much mind space to what you own? Absolutely not. Let’s start with a clean life for a clean mind.

In this enlightening talk about Minimalism you can:

✔ gain awareness about what adds value to your life

✔ gain tools & methods on how to declutter so you can feel free and not bound

✔ gain knowledge to design your environment as well as your virtual presence

✔ realize that your mind can be organized with minimum effort

✔ realize the difference between your own desires compared to those that were imposed on you from the world outside

✔ let your genuine feelings decide what you wish to own

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