Happening in | 2021

Liberation Process

If you feel that it’s time to liberate yourself, then this is the time to invest in yourself and feel free of the burden you are carrying from the past.
Liberation Process

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Happening in

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‘Start your day with gratitude and end your day with forgiveness.’

We’d like to feel free without any burden of emotions or thoughts that belong to the past.

In reality, it’s a totally different story. We are burdened with events that keep us busy because we feel we’ve been mistreated or maybe we did not treat another with kindness.

Forgiveness is a life skill and much needed nowadays. This is something we can practice. We can’t just forgive people because we say so. It’s a whole process, a technique so powerful that you really feel lighter by letting go of the unpleasant pain of the past. The past can’t bring you down once you have chosen the path of forgiveness. It’s pointless to blame yourself or another for what happened in the past. We’re all here to learn and evolve. 

It’s time to liberate yourself. Forgive yourself, ask forgiveness to others and forgive. Free yourself from any burden. The ‘Liberation Process’ is all about the power of forgiveness and gratitude.

If forgiveness helps you to release whatever holds you back, then gratitude is the powerful glue that keeps your mind in a state of silence and flow.

Liberation Process offers you:

✔ release from unresolved negative emotions

✔ a technique for self-forgiveness

✔ a method to forgive and ask forgiveness

✔ a guided process to drop regret and resentment

✔ knowledge about gratitude & forgiveness

✔ practical tools on how to make the liberation process a daily habit

✔ insight into how emotional entanglements keep us away from happiness and joy

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