Happening in | 2021

Discipline & Focus

Discipline & Focus are the two key elements to achieve almost anything. Let’s explore exciting methods to become highly disciplined and have laser focus.
Discipline & Focus

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Happening in

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Discipline & Focus are two amazing qualities found in high performers and world-class athletes. Why is it that these people seem to have an unlimited amount of discipline and focus? Are they superhuman?

Do they have special genes? Are they lucky? Did they have a special upbringing?

A simple google search about top athletes will show you that they are not special, they are just like us. They seem special because they’ve worked hard with discipline & focus. Top athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo or boxing legends like Muhammed Ali or even the world famous Bruce Lee have these specific qualities in common, Discipline & Focus.

How come that high performers are noticed?

Because they are the best in what they do with a single point of focus. Their eyes are fixed on one goal. They do not want to bring other people down, they only know that they want to be the best.

Once the focus is clear, they also know what follows next. Hard work follows next. Once you start working hard, you can measure progress if there is discipline involved. Regardless of external issues, you find ways to work hard. No excuses needed.

People with discipline and focus always achieve what they set as goals. These people are not necessarily wealthy or famous. There are countless people who achieved their goals and went unnoticed. The whole point of discipline and focus is to achieve your goals.

Even if you are a janitor, housemaid or a garbage collector, just be the best in what you are doing.

At the end of the day you might become an inspiration for others.

In this workshop we offer:

✔ a specific technique to attain laser focus

✔ insight on how discipline works

✔ knowledge about why and when discipline works and for whom

✔ a method to transform your lifestyle to allow discipline to affect all areas of your life

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