Happening in | 2021

Confidence & Charisma

Insecurity comes from anywhere. Are you well equipped to deal with those?
Confidence & Charisma

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Happening in

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Insecurities come from anywhere. Even the most educated, talented, or skillful people can be insecure to some degree. Many people underperform because of their insecurities. We’re living in a society where there is constant comparison with another. A car, a house or financial status and so many other factors push us to compare.

Comparing ourselves with another started the very moment we started getting grades in school. Who has a better grade or who has less is where it began. A child having 8 out of 10 had a different self-esteem compared to someone getting a 6 out of 10.

There is always a fear of judgment since we also tend to judge others based on their appearance, background or personality traits. Once this fear turns into acceptance we can have a more healthy society of people turning their insecurities into confidence and charisma.

At School of Soham we know that genuine confidence comes from a much deeper space within you.

It’s unbelievable that this dimension is right in front of our nose and nobody seems to notice nor were we told about this at a very young age.

In this enlightening workshop, you learn more about yourself and the most important of all is that you are given many tools and techniques to tap into your original self. Say goodbye to any insecurity forever. To navigate effortlessly in this society for a fulfilling life is the result of strong confidence in yourself.

In this Self Confidence workshop you are offered:

✔ a systematic approach to analyze our insecurities

✔ a method to map out your skills and know-how

✔ a pragmatic process to evaluate what areas to improve yourself

✔ a deep dive into traits you already have in you but are unaware of

✔ knowledge about how to deal with a negative mindset

✔ tools to gain confidence in every situation possible

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