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Awaken your Inner Genius

Everyone is born a genius. Many people have said it, but they don't realize it, they don't know it. Let's awaken your inner genius during this event!
Awaken your Inner Genius

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Everyone is born a genius. Many people said it, but don't realize it, they don't know how to unlock their genius.. Some people don't believe it. They think you have to be special. A genius is someone who is poised, graceful, and amazing at what they do. If you are born a genius, it does not mean you will notice the brilliance out of nowhere. You need to awaken your genius mind. Most of us only use 5 to 10% of our brains. Why can’t we explore how to use all of it?

How do we awaken our inner genius? It's by brain development. Your brain has several areas to be developed. And besides, your whole body is like a brain. Even your heart is like a brain and the rest of your body can function as a brain. We are intelligent beings sitting on a goldmine of unused intelligence.

Your body is working on its own. You don't decide when to breathe in and out. So many things are happening automatically. Is this not remarkable? Your body & mind has so much intelligence.

If you want to be a good dancer or a singer then you develop the brain in a specific way. We may be born with certain talents, but anyone needs the practice to become better in what they do. Any type of practice for improvement makes us more intelligent than before. This is a simple way of awakening our inner genius.

You can become a genius to understand life around you. You will understand the world, the nature around you. Once you understand yourself you can enhance different aspects of intelligence in you. The world around you becomes easier to understand and navigate through.

So awakening your inner genius means becoming better every day through disciplined practice.

After wearing shoes for a long time, they become worn out, but the brain on the other hand becomes better by using it more. Our intelligence expands. There is no need to save your intelligence, use it as much as you can.

Do you believe in your own intelligence?

Do you have the wish to awaken your inner genius?

Do you want to perform better in life and attain excellence?

In this workshop you are offered:

✔ key insights about how the brain and body work

✔ knowledge about DNA and what we inherit from our genes

✔ how to practice intelligence

✔ how to make the best of the circumstances we are in

✔ tools on how to become skillful in brain development

✔ knowledge about the different types of intelligence

✔ key tips on how to connect types of intelligence

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