Fri, May 07 | Laan van Cheyenne #3

Attract Wealth

Imagine having enough money for a lifetime. What would you do? Let's talk about it during this event!
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Attract Wealth

Time & Location

May 07, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Laan van Cheyenne #3

About the Event

We are hardwired to think that money equals wealth. When we think about wealth, we forget other valuable aspects such as time, energy & relationships. A big bank balance without time or energy to enjoy your material possession is not a smart way to live.

It’s pointless to have accomplished enough, but no energy to enjoy your relationships or social circles. Feeling drained because you’ve worked so hard to earn enough money for a sense of safety and security breaks you and makes you feel as if you’ve worked hard for nothing. 

If you want to attract wealth, you should understand the balance between energy, time, and material possessions. Attracting wealth means we design our life in such a way that we attract chances to live a life of adventure and spontaneity. A carefree life and yet responsible.

Imagine having enough money for a lifetime. What would you do? You would find many ways to enjoy it because there is no need to fight for survival. You can sit on a beach and relax with a nice cocktail. You would not worry about what day it is to go on a long drive and meet new people. You would not hesitate to try out new food and travel to a new country. But for this you need energy and time besides the money.

There is a new wave of thinking becoming popular in the world. Many people are realizing that the picture we were presented as young kids is not serving us but instead breaking us.

We ask ourselves whether we work to live or live to work.

If you think you’re doing the latter then it’s time to change your perspective on wealth.

This talk on how to Attract Wealth you understand that:

✔ time is the real currency, money is just a means

✔ energy, health & wellness are the important factors to attain prosperity

✔ working hard to earn a living is a distorted and outdated idea

✔ how to have abundant energy besides earning money

✔ how to attract abundance in relationships and soulful connections

✔ how to let your wealth serve you with a sense of freedom

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