Smart Human

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60 Minutes


Dutch with subtitles in English and Dutch

Smart Human


Awinash Haniff

Awinash has thrown himself into various activities from his early teens. This pushed him to be very conscious of his time and energy. Finding several ways to be effective was a must. Becoming a smart human was the goal. All efforts went into this challenge of finding smarter ways to deal with time, energy, and eventually money.

In this course, he shares his experience in simple & fun ways. To ensure that every participant can gain insight and tools to use, he even put the effort into offering smart assistance online. If this course is absorbed properly then becoming a smart human is bound to happen.

About This Course

We’ve heard that getting good grades at school means you’re a smart person. This is proven to be a lie. High grades on your report card are not that important for the real world. High grades prove how well you can memorize. The real test is outside the classroom walls.

Becoming smart needs practice. We can become masters of time, money, and energy. These are limited resources considered to be unlimited. This mindset is not serving us well. We need to understand the value of time, energy and the smart use of money. If you’re not investing in knowing more about how these 3 interact, then you might struggle a lot with your limited knowledge.

We can apply several methods towards a carefree state of mind. Happiness & fulfillment comes when we make the right decisions with a new and updated mindset.

In this talk we offer:

✔ redefined behaviour towards energy & time
✔ the value of money, time, and energy
✔ broadened perspective about time
✔ new ideas on how to use and earn money
✔ how to earn money with your skills and knowledge