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Intelligent Heart


Awinash Haniff

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About This Course

Who said the heart is not intelligent?

Do you think that intelligence comes from your brain only?

Do you also think dealing with feelings requires no skill?

Do you think feelings serve no purpose for survival?

If you have said yes to the questions above then you might be surprised. There is so much we haven’t been told about. The term Emotional Intelligence has gained some popularity in the last 20 years but it’s not spread everywhere like it is supposed to. This is missing from our main curriculum in schools.

The heart is equally powerful like the brain. For many years our brains got all the attention while the heart remained underdeveloped. The suffering of having less to no emotional intelligence is clear in our society.

We have given too much importance to our rational ways of thinking.

Feelings that were supposed to add more color to life are now left out or even suppressed.

Whether pleasant or unpleasant, all emotions in your heart are meant to be felt.

The Intelligent Heart workshop is a smart way to unleash the powerful intelligence you have deep inside your heart.

The Intelligent Heart program gives you:

✔ effective and simple methods for emotional expression
✔ insight about feeling, sensation & emotion
✔ a practice three-step method to deal with any emotion
✔ awareness about the bridge between your brain and heart
✔ a special technique giving you the ability to not be overruled by any emotion
✔ several tools and tips to analyze and evaluate whatever is going on in your heart
✔ ancient & modern knowledge fused together for a holistic approach to our feelings