Allow me to introduce myself :)

I’m the creative director & instructor at School of Soham and at Connectiff Marketing & Consultancy. Every artist wants to trigger something deep within his or her audience, I too want my creative efforts to blow your mind away.

I was hooked about the idea behind School of Soham. It was a no brainer to join and share my talents. My main role here is to ensure that we present ourselves with jaw-dropping brand aesthetics. In simple words: I make the final decisions about colors, fonts, texts, pictures, videos, blogs, emails, and all other marketing related stuff.

I love helping others grow as well, so they gave me another job here...ugh! I’m a life coach & a public speaker at School of Soham. So get used to my face, you’ll see me very often at our events. Since I enjoy studying the behavior of humans and how they function, it’s natural for me to wonder how humans can become a better version of themselves. How do I do all of this you may ask? Let’s get into the history of my existence.

Awinash Haniff During Holi

A Golden Opportunity

I was seven when I was approached by a non-profit organization; Sangh. They conducted weekly programs to develop strong character qualities and various leadership skills through mental and physical activities. Team building sessions, games, inspirational stories full of wisdom were shared in a playful manner. Tons of soccer besides other sports were some of their main activities. Of course, when I heard the word ‘games & soccer’, I was sold. 

Every week I learned values such as discipline, self-confidence, and a spirit of selfless service (Seva) for humanity was born. I signed up for a rollercoaster of self-development and personal growth for more than 10 years. I had no clue what would happen next. 

Seven years later I became an instructor and organized my weekly sessions for youth between the age of 7 and 18. Valuable skills like public speaking, teaching, and leadership developed and shaped me into who I am today. 

The Artist in Me

When technology entered my life, a new world opened up. Surprised by the possibilities and opportunities, I started doodling on my uncle’s computer. I got interested in visual arts. Afterwards, I assisted my uncle with photography. I only knew how to press the shutter button, but I learned on the job and started earning some pocket money. 


Having a creative mind by nature, I could not ignore my talents and started expressing myself through photography and graphic design. For the last five years, I’m shaping myself as a visual artist aiming to blur the lines between my imagination and reality. To show you the world through my own lens triggers a river of joy in me. Check my Instagram to be part of that joy.

Artist Awinash Haniff
Kindergarten Awinash Haniff

The Struggles at School

I believed that the secret of becoming a ‘big man’ in society is to get the highest grades and pass all classes with honor. I flawlessly graduated from high school, but a confusing choice shattered me. I didn’t know what to study! Being strong in mathematics, physics and having some friends in engineering, I chose to study Infrastructure Engineering at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname.

In no time I realized that I’m not made for engineering. The numbers and complex formulas were killing my creative fire. I completely lost the vision of what to do in life. Confused and in turmoil, I tried switching to the Mathematics Faculty, even tried applying for military program in Venezuela, and even considered becoming a Yoga Teacher.

While all of this was happening, I was closer to the last year of my Engineering studies. I promised myself to do a post-graduation in something I love and thought of tourism, but that too never happened. I pretty much jumped from one thing to another without any purpose or passion. I was helplessly searching.


During my bachelor thesis, I worked in the marketing department of an optical company. I sensed a new vibe and I expressed my creativity through graphic design and photography. I could feel my heart blossom. A few months later, I eventually graduated in Engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree. I was finally done with studying and decided to work, allowing this new creative fire to find expression. 

Focussed Awinash Haniff

My Journey of Teaching

Passing over knowledge and helping others reach their full potential was a desire boiling in me. I always had a platform to contribute, so I took many opportunities to conduct workshops. I went through a diverse range of topics such as Inner Alignment, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Vedic Mathematics, Time Management, Finance Management, Life’s Purpose for more than 300 students. 

One of my latest workshops is a blend of my passion and purpose. The well known ‘Photo Walk with Awinash Haniff’ through which I teach photography while exploring Suriname. Workshops like GROW20, Being Human & Smart Human are also a part of what I teach. I managed to build a network of more than 150 likeminded people in less than 2 months. I felt really connected to this style of sharing myself.

Photo Walk with Awinash Haniff
Rice Fields Awinash Haniff

Life Now, and Later

While being pretty occupied at School of Soham and Connectiff, I manage myself to evaluate and organize my life joyfully. In my spare time, I experiment in the kitchen, practice some dance moves at Latin Events, spend time with friends, and visualize my future pursuits. 

It is my desire to explore each corner of the world while actively passing over the knowledge and skills I gained over the years. I’m not there yet, but soon will be. Become a part of my mission and journey by connecting with me!