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I always felt schools were not making us into a better person. Regular education made us read, write & calculate numbers for a job, but are we prepared to live a life? The answer is clearly felt and I became frustrated, so decided to do something about it. 

School of Soham provides education to those who want to increase the quality of their life and enhance their intelligence. The idea was conceived in 1994 on my first day at kindergarten. I knew instantly that something was missing in the current system of education. It felt absolutely unnatural.

10 years later I fantasize being a head principal at my own school. Another 10 years later I wanted to build a school but I lacked resources like money and a team to work with. I never gave up on this dream. I decided to start in a virtual space and here we are. This virtual space offers education to shape minds, touch hearts, inspire to act with a purpose with the result of creating a smart society.

Join our mission in shaping minds, touching hearts, following our purpose for a smart & sensitive human oriented society. Once in a while, we do need updates for our internal software. 

Satish Sewgobind

Satish Sewgobind 

Founder of School of Soham


School of Soham

Soham means: “I am that”. ‘That’ refers to the invisible power we cannot grasp with our logic. With this power everyone can increase the quality of life and enhance intelligence in every way possible. You take charge of your own life. You become the director of your own life. Let’s tap into the state of Soham. 

Inner Alignment

Our mission is to provide education for our internal world. This format is within the experience of any human being, no matter what your background, race or religion is. Every person thinks, feels, interacts and has a specific set of actions with an intention or purpose behind everything. 


If what we think, feel, say and do serves our purpose, then fulfillment & satisfaction is guaranteed. 

This pleasant state is referred to as ‘Inner Alignment.’ 

If we live according to this alignment, life can be lived at its best. 


In this survival based system we might feel incomplete and empty. Deep down we know life is more than cycles of work, sleep & entertainment. Deeper meaning in life comes only to those who seek this inner state of fulfillment. To align ourselves with a purpose means to act, speak, think and feel in a more complete, energized & fulfilling way. We can redefine ourselves in an instant. Inner Alignment gives our full liberty to direct our life the way we want. 


Founded in

May 2019

We operate mostly on the internet and anywhere else to provide a safe space in order to grow

We have touched

7000+ hearts and counting

We’re on a mission to uplift the human mind, enhance intelligence and have a global reach of 100+ million people

We offer revolutionary

content in a school setting

We offer 35+ topics to understand and enhance one's mind, interaction, emotion, purpose and action